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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stanford CancerPEN?

CancerPEN is a cyber palliative care learning community with the specific aim of creating and disseminating course material about palliating cancer. We have created a series of case based stand alone courses aimed at immersing the learner into the principles and practice of cancer palliation. The learner can complete each course at their own pace in the convenience of their preferred environment. As this is a cyber based course, it is available at all times to the learner. We have developed several stand alone modules and propose to release one module per month in the upcoming months.

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Who can register for CancerPEN?

CancerPEN is an inter-disciplinary national learning community for all clinicians who want to learn more about palliative care. The course material is available for internet use free of charge to clinicians of the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

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How do I register to use CancerPEN?

Click here to register for the CancerPEN Member Modules.

Is CancerPEN registration Free?

You can take a course for FREE and you will receive a certificate of completion (not CEU). If you would like to receive CEU certificate a nominal administrative fee of $20-$25 dollars per module will be charged for shipping and handling costs related to CEU certificates. Please click here to see more information on who is eligible for CEU credits.

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Can I get a certificate of course completion?

Yes. After completing each course and after you take and successfully complete the post course self assessment quizzes, the course administrators will mail you a certificate of completion. CancerPEN is a publication of the course materials that support the dynamic classroom interactions of Stanford staff and trainees; it is not a degree-granting or credit-bearing initiative. You should work through the materials at your own pace, and in whatever manner you desire.

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What about CEUs?

We are currently providing CEU's for the CancerPEN courses through the Palliation Education Network(PEN) for a nominal administrative fee. For more information please visit the Continuing Education Accreditation page.

Where to send a check?

For instructions on where to send a check please contact:
VJ Periyakoil, MD | San T. Lu, MA at

What it takes to support this work

CancerPEN is supported by a grant to Dr. Periyakoil from the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Periyakoil's work is supported in part by the Dept of Veterans Affairs( VA Palo Alto Health Care System)

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For information on full licensing or other questions, please contact:
VJ Periyakoil, MD | San T. Lu, MA at

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